Adding style & Sustainability to Life

UNP (Umapathi Natural Products) was started to innovate and manufacture environment sensitive replacements for environmentally toxic products that are generally available in markets worldwide. UNP's products are made from agro-waste and leaves that are shed naturally by trees. The products do not harm the environment during the stages of material procurement, manufacture, storage, usage or disposal.

Since its inception in 2010, UNP has been a front-runner in innovating products from renewable materials. These products have significant financial benefits to the buyer, practical benefits to the actual user and environmental benefits to the planet. UNP innovates the products as well as designs the production process to mass manufacture these with high-speed automatic machines, thus reducing dependency on labour. These robust in-house capabilities have laid a strong foundation for the enterprise's future to be a leading player in its areas of business.

Core Business:

Environment-sensitive single-use products

Applications: Medical, tableware, packaging

Allied Business:

Environment-sensitive durable products

Applications: Home goods & light furniture

Our mission

For generations, cultures, around the world have enjoyed disposable products without chemicals and we don't see any reason to include chemicals in our disposable products today.

Our goal is to create and mass-produce useful products from unprocessed natural materials. Whether we are working with growers, suppliers, or customers we strive towards leaving a lighter environmental footprint.